Cindi in the Electric Atmosphere

Cindi in the Electric Atmosphere - Cover ImageCindi in the Electric Atmosphere is the second book in our Cindi in... comic book series. Cindi takes the reader through the ionosphere, explaining the electromagnetic spectrum, the light from the Sun, and how the Sun's radiation interacts with the Earth's atmosphere to create the ionosphere. This is all done in the context of the CINDI instruments on the C/NOFS spacecraft.

This issue is targeted at upper middle school students and high school students studying physics and physical science, but reader of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy Cindi’s adventures. The comic is a 24-page booklet pdf file which can be downloaded via the links below.

Cindi in the Electric Atmosphere; English: [Color

Cindi en la Atmósfera Eléctrica; Spanish: [Color]

University of Texas at Dallas 2012