Introduction to Cindi

There is a detailed explanation on what CINDI is, and what the sensor array does is available as a PDF document in both English and Spanish

We also have our CINDI Fact Sheet as a pdf, currently available in English only.  

For a more accessible introduction to CINDI we offer our Comic books, in which our Anime/Manga inspired personification of CINDI explains all about the CINDI mission and the science behind it. Our comic books were the subject of a feature article on the NASA website in October 2010. Digital copies of all comics are available free of charge. These comics tell the story of the android space girl Cindi and her two space dogs who explain the purpose of the CINDI instruments as part of the C/NOFS mission and the science involved. These comics are fun and informative for readers of all ages, but the materials are targeted for topics covered at specific grade levels. 

For convenience you can get the comics at the links below. For more detailed information on the individual issues and the series as a whole they have thier own section of the site. 

Cindi in Space,  English: [Color | Black & White] Spanish: [Color | Black & White

Cindi in the Electric Atmosphere, English: [Color] Spanish: [Color]

Cindi in the Solar Wind, English: [Color] Spanish: Coming Spring 2013

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